Thursday through Monday. You can view our calendar for available dates and times on the BOOK THE EXPERIENCE tab above.

You will be outdoors in beautiful Central Florida. Dress for the time of year and weather. You will be under shade most of the day, but bringing sunscreen and/or a hat is never a bad idea.

Please wear closed toed shoes that are appropriate for the outdoors. Sneakers, boots, etc. High heels, sandals, and flip flops are prohibited. Low cut tops also are prohibited. T-shirts, shorts, and other casual cloths are acceptable. Please contact us with any questions.


All shooters must book in advance.


This business was designed for individuals with little to no experience. The safety of everyone in the group is our number one priority. We never compromise safety for any reason.


12 years of age. A parent or guardian will have to be present at all times with anyone under 18. Everyone planning to participate should bring valid, current photo identification.

Approximately 3-4 hours. Time depends on a few factors.

Water, snacks, sunscreen, hat, anything for an outdoor activity. Everything related to, or involving, the shooting experience will be provided. Just show up!