The Experience

Florida Firearms Adventures invites you to experience the fun of firearms in a safe and pleasant outdoor environment while under the supervision of highly trained professional range safety officers.

Offered every Monday thru Friday from 10am until approximately 2pm.

Location: Vet’s Recreational Facility (Directions)

The Start of the Day & Morning Session

We’ll begin with a short history of the business and an introduction to your range safety officers who will be with you for the day. Don’t hesitate to speak up because we would love to know a little about you and where you’re from. Next will be a firearms and range safety briefing. Eye and ear protection will be provided. We will start with the .22 bolt action training rifles, then we’ll move up to the larger AK47 and AR15 rifles. You’ll be firing at both paper and reactive targets.

Lunch & Break

After the morning session we will break for lunch. You’ll have time to relax and get cleaned up prior to eating.
PLEASE NOTE: You can bring your own lunch or purchase from us. We provide lunch for $15.00 (includes a sandwich, chips/snacks, and unlimited soft drinks or water). Your lunch order will be separate from the online registration process. You will be contacted after the registration confirmation for your lunch order. PLEASE BRING CASH FOR YOUR LUNCH ORDER ON THE DAY OR MAKE PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED EVENT. We do not accept Credit or Debit cards on site.

Afternoon Session & Awards

We’ll start with .22 caliber semi-auto rifles to get back into the groove of things, followed by a 12ga tactical pump shotgun to really wake you up. After that we’ll move right into the handgun portion starting small and moving up in caliber sizes. We use a variety of stationary, reactive, and aerial targets for the afternoon session. Once everyone has had the opportunity to shoot all of the firearms, the range officer will bring out the Remington Model 700 (30/.06) to be used in the “High Power Shoot”. Everyone takes home their participation certificates and personal targets as a memento of the experience. Pictures with the firearms are highly recommended before you leave. Tipping or gratuity is appreciated but not required. If you had a day that exceeded your expectations and feel that your range officers deserve a little extra, please feel free to tip what you think is appropriate.
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“The Tactical Experience”

a truly thrilling and educational experience in the world of Firearms