Tactical Experience

Florida Firearms Adventures invites you to experience the fun of firearms in a pleasant outdoor environment while under the supervision of highly trained professionals.

Offered every Monday thru Friday from 10am until approximately 2pm.

Location: Vet’s Recreational Facility (Directions)

The Start of the Day

We begin with a firearms intoduction and safety seminar. Your event will start with the .22 Bolt Action Training Rifles then we move on to the AK47, AR15, and MP-5/.22. You’ll be firing at both paper and reactive targets.


After the morning session we will break for lunch.
PLEASE NOTE: We have boxed lunches for purchase ($15.00 includes a sandwich, chips, cookies and unlimited soft drinks or water). PLEASE BRING CASH FOR YOUR LUNCH ORDER. We do not accept Credit or Debit cards on site.

Afternoon Session & Awards

After lunch, we will enjoy the shotguns and handguns portion of our session using the Remington 870 Tactical Shotgun, Glock 17, 1911 Colt/.22. We use a variety of stationary, reactive, and aerial targets.
After everyone has had the opportunity to shoot all the courses, the rangemasters will bring out the Remington Model 700 (30/.06) to be used in the “High Power Shoot”. The Award certificates for “Top Gun”, “Most Improved Shooter”, and “Shoot Team Members” are presented at the awards ceremony. Everyone takes home their participation certificates and personal targets as a memento of the experience.
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“The Tactical Experience”

a truly thrilling and educational experience in the world of Firearms